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Zero Day Deployment and Zero Trust Architecture with Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance 3.0

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With over 1000+ customers and 3000+ appliances deployed into multiple verticals such as public and federal sectors, large Telecom, financials and many others. Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance is one of the fastest growing data protection platforms. It delivers seamless zero-day deployments to newer NetBackup releases, workload consolidation with enterprise resilience and agile performance. A zero-trust architecture with built-in ransomware recovery of business-critical data—at any scale, you get near-zero recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives.

Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance 3.0 was released on Dec 22, 2022!  This is a feature packed release in security, supportability, monitoring, and reporting.



Enhanced Security

SonicWall reported more than 623 .3 million attacks globally in 2021, doubling the number of attacks in just a year. It is important for customers to prevent those attacks. Veritas NetBackup Flex Appliance provides zero trust multi-layer security architecture, WORM storage and isolated recovery environment to achieve business resilience.  In Flex 3.0 we added the following features to enhance the security.

  • SAML SSO provides a faster and seamless user experience. It narrows attack surfaces, improves user productivity and simplify user management.
  • Network access control mitigate the risk of information being accessed without the appropriate authorization. You can control which IP address or subnet can access Flex Appliances via SSH and HTTPs with an allow list. All IP addresses are not on the allow list are blocked by default.
  •  Limit the number of failed logon attempts. Reduce the risk of unauthorized system access via user password guessing, otherwise known as brute forcing. And even if the password is guessed correctly after 3 incorrect tries, the account is not at risk. The account is locked and the access would be gained after superadmin unlocks it and the local user changes the password.

Monitoring and Insights

To help you fully utilize flex appliance zero-trust architecture, security meter enables you with ONE GLANCE To View, and with ONE CLICK To Configure for the security settings. Security meter can keep tracking security settings and show you a list of available security features with Quick links to configure them. The security meter can be found at Flex Appliance landing page, only the admin user can view this feature.

Flex performance dashboard provides business intelligence and performance management. With Flex appliance performance dashboard, you can monitor CPU, memory, storage utilization and network throughput and proactively manage the usage to meet the business requirements. You can choose the time frame and get the details at any specific point of time.

Rachelzhu_3-1673315120127.pngThe Veritas NetInsights Console lets you leverage accurate reporting to uncover the total amount of backup data involved and develop proactive budget decisions. By integrating Flex Appliances with the NetInsights Console, you can determine key risks and improve operational efficiency, reduce unplanned maintenance and downtime, and increase ROI with global insights and monitoring

Make Operation Simpler

Given complexities in customer environments and customer’s quest to modernize their data centers to remain relevant and drive operational efficiency, NetBackup Flex appliances helps in delivering easy to use and turnkey data protection solution.

  • With Flex Appliance 3.0, you can run all prechecks with a visual report to reduce upgrade failure. An application container instance has persistent data and non-persistent data to simplify the application instance upgrade process.
  • IPv6 is supported on the Flex Appliance. It is also supported on NetBackup primary and media server application instances version and later, and NetBackup WORM storage server versions 15.0.2 and later. You can edit your existing network interfaces to add IPv6 addresses, but the interfaces must not be in use by any instances when you make the change. Note that IPv6 is not supported on the Appliance Management Console.
  • You can remove applications and application add-ons from the repository. 
  • You can edit network bonds to change the bonded interfaces.
  • Call Home is now enabled by default.

NetBackup Flex Appliances provide operation efficiency, end-to-end resiliency, and optimized integration to deliver enterprise-wide data protection services on demand. To learn more about Flex Appliance product, check the following assets: