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Create enterprise-ready container environments with Veritas

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Are you running applications in containers? Are you considering using containers to run new IT services? A common challenge you might be facing is being able to find a reliable way to provide the enterprise storage and data protection your applications need in a containerized environment.  This is why you need Veritas! 

With Veritas, you can confidently run your applications in containerized environments.  Veritas helps you unlock, fortify, and optimize Kubernetes with enterprise data management your containerized applications need to be both performant and protected so they can deliver a smooth experience for your end-users.

Veritas Storage and Data Protection for Containers

Veritas provides an API-driven approach to both storage and data protection designed to integrate seamlessly with Kubernetes to help make your container environment ‘enterprise ready’. Veritas provides advanced functionality for containers and Kubernetes for enterprise applications.  This includes:

  • Data protection – NetBackup gives you the ability to protect both Docker and Kubernetes environments with quick and intuitive data protection for all application components in a Kubernetes namespace using native tools. NetBackup also enables application mobility by offering flexible recovery to different Kubernetes clusters and distributions – both on-premises and in the cloud.
  • Advanced storage management – With the InfoScale Container Storage Interface (CSI) plug-in, you can provide high-performance shared storage for your Kubernetes clusters using fast storage directly attached to the Kubernetes cluster nodes.  This works using InfoScale’s advanced Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) feature. Figure 1 gives you an idea of what this looks like.
  • Automation – storage and data protection supported by the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform that can provide full-stack automated operations with integrated monitoring, security, and lifecycle management for containerized applications – both on-premises and in the cloud.

Figure 1 is an example of how Veritas delivers both persistent storage and data protection for containerized applications in a Kubernetes environment.    

Figure 1. Veritas data management for Kubernetes environmentsFigure 1. Veritas data management for Kubernetes environments

Now that you know a bit more about how Veritas helps make containers enterprise-ready, let’s take a closer look at how it works.

Software-defined Storage for Containers

InfoScale’s CSI plug-in allows Kubernetes to mount persistent enterprise-grade storage in application pods, which can then be used by stateful applications that can be easily scaled to run across multiple containers.  Figure 2 is a picture of what this looks like.  InfoScale’s software-defined high-performance persistent storage for containers can be provisioned with either traditional SAN, or the storage directly attached to the cluster nodes using FSS – which can provide higher performance at a reduced cost.  InfoScale also helps ensure data integrity and resiliency with integrated I/O fencing that ensures pods are moved and brought online in the event of an infrastructure failure within the cluster.

InfoScale has been designed to work with native Kubernetes constructs and can be deployed as containers in Kubernetes environments as well as the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

Figure 2. Kubernetes cluster with InfoScale software-defined persistent storageFigure 2. Kubernetes cluster with InfoScale software-defined persistent storage


Data protection for Containers

As modern containerized environments are constantly evolving, providing enterprise-wide data protection can be challenging. NetBackup offers a new approach to data protection for containers that lets you protect your entire environment from a single interface. NetBackup automates the discovery, protection, and recovery for all the components of your containerized applications. 

  • Operational simplicity – manage operations from a single intuitive web-based user interface. NetBackup can be deployed using helm charts for a streamlined deployment experience familiar to Kubernetes users.
  • Advanced recoverability – recover resources, entire workloads, and persistent volumes – within the same, or to a different Kubernetes cluster
  • Flexibility – cross-distribution mobility with the ability to backup and restore containerized applications across Kubernetes clusters and distributions, on-premises or in the cloud

Figure 3. NetBackup data protection for Kubernetes clustersFigure 3. NetBackup data protection for Kubernetes clusters


Enterprise Storage and Data Protection for Kubernetes

While Kubernetes provides excellent configuration management and orchestration for containers, it relies on third-party integration for the data management functionality that many applications need to be enterprise-ready. Veritas integrates with Kubernetes to ensure that your containerized applications have both the storage and protection they need to eliminate data loss and downtime risks such as hung processes and inaccessible storage that could otherwise go undetected.  With protection that supports nearly any platform and Kubernetes distribution, you also benefit from distribution mobility which enables you to easily move your containerized applications between platforms and Kubernetes distributions.

Veritas delivers functionality key to making Kubernetes enterprise-ready:

  • Advanced data protection with the ability to protect and restore all components within a namespace within a cluster, across clusters, across platforms (including cloud) – to the same or different Kubernetes distributions
  • High-performance persistent storage with integrated data integrity management that works with nearly any existing SAN or InfoScale’s advanced FSS option that can provide better performance than SAN at a reduced cost
  • Platform agnostic storage and data protection for containers that gives you the flexibility to protect and recover workloads across Kubernetes platforms and avoid lock-in


Veritas provides industry-leading data management technology that gives you the functionality and confidence you need to run your enterprise applications in containers.  With storage management and data protection designed for Kubernetes, Veritas delivers a software-defined, flexible, and enterprise-grade foundation for your containerized applications that unlocks, fortifies, and optimizes Kubernetes.

For more information on how Veritas works with Kubernetes, check out the whitepaper at this link and visit the website: Additional InfoScale information and resources in the InfoScale technical library.

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