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Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, Azure and Microsoft: Protect All Your Apps


As organizations move to virtualization and the cloud, we have to adapt to increasing mixed environments: Hyper-V, Vmware, physical applications, customer applications, multiple storage vendors, cloud platforms, and more. Nearly every vendor offers a native solution that handles some aspects of disaster recovery; many are free. But nearly every data center ias a mix of technologies; and that means rolling out and managing different solutions throughout the data center. 

Our storage, high availability and disaster recovery solutions have always offered the advantage of supporting the scope of technologies and vendors in a data center--through a single console. Disaster Recovery Orchestrator, currently in beta, offers disaster recovery as a service for customers using Microsoft Azure.

For customers using Hyper-V and Azure there are some key terms and technologies to consider:

  • Recovering a VM with Microsoft's Hyper-V Recovery Manager: this native tool recovers Hyper-V VMs, but it is up to the admin to ensure the related applications and business service abstraction on top of the VM is ready to go. 
  • Storage Foundation High Availability for Windows 6.1 allows for choice and continuous integration with replication technologies, and focuses on the entire business service with an application centric DR approach. It ties together all the VMs and applications that make up a service and ensure priority order recovery during a DR event.
  • Disaster Recovery Orchestrator extends this approach to Azure to provide:
  • One solution independent of the compute topology housing the applications on-premise: i.e. the app could be on a Windows OS instance contained within a VMware VM, a Hyper-V VM or physical on premise.

Monitoring and recovering at the business service level gives us a broader understanding of the health of the Windows application ecosystem, and detailed monitoring of the application's fault state. 

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