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Full vs. Partial Coverage of Your Data

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Change is the new normal in business. Digital delivery models are transforming the way you go to market. New technologies are increasing the competitiveness of your business. Innovation delivers many benefits, but it also increases risk that business revenue or customer experience will be disrupted. No longer confined behind your firewall, application workloads and their data are spread out across on-premise and cloud environments.

How do you protect your data? Does your disaster recovery solution provide the complete coverage you need by protecting all your workloads? 

Veritas Resiliency Platform is designed to protect all your workloads regardless of where they are located.  We understand that resilience needs to work with not disrupt your current environment.  That’s why Resiliency Platform seamlessly integrates into your environments. 

How frequently do you “practice” your disaster recovery procedures?  Resiliency Platform uses automated rehearsals as frequently as you want; even down to every change control. Rehearsals prove the resiliency of your infrastructure and deliver ROI back to the business. 

Friday, August 10th is your opportunity to learn more and see a live demo of Veritas Resiliency Platform.  Tune into the live stream of Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) at 11 am pacific and see how software defined resilience can benefit your organization. Can’t watch live? Follow the proceedings on twitter through one of the distinguished delegates:


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In this session you will learn how Resiliency Platform: 

  • Allows you to get more value out of your existing infrastructure spend
  • Provides a choice of targets such as co-location, third-party providers, private and public cloud
  • Increases confidence in your disaster recovery procedures with automated rehearsals
  • Adds value to your teams with a centralized resilience view across physical and virtual platforms

Don’t settle for partial coverage of your data center.  Join us on Friday, August 10th and learn how you can protect your whole data center with Veritas Resiliency Platform.