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Independent Analysis on Veritas Resiliency Platform

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The Cloud.   It has disrupted business models.  Provides flexibility for workload placement.  Increases your data protection challenges.  

In the multi cloud enterprise, traditional disaster recovery solutions are struggling to improve service levels for data and applications, security and compliance and reduce costs.  To help with these challenges, a new set of data protection solutions exist. Solutions that claim to transform your business with automated resilience that lets your business react before performance is impacted.   

Resilience is the new buzz word in the market.   It covers a broad spectrum of functionality; but many vendors today have simply rebranded their disaster recovery solutions leaving you to figure out which is the best solution for your business.

 This new independent report can help.   PT logo.png

 Veritas commissioned Principled Technologies (PT) to provide a complete review of Veritas Resiliency Platform and Zerto Virtual Replication.  This report is not a feature-to-feature comparison but rather a narrative from the customer’s point of view that describes how effectively Resiliency Platform simplifies multi cloud data protection for enterprise customers.  

Just need basic virtual machine replication?  Both solutions offer similar capabilities.  However, if you need to protect enterprise-grade workloads and virtual machines, Resiliency Platform simplifies and expedites workload protection.   For example:

  • Resiliency Platform accelerates configuration of resiliency components by allowing administrators to define parameters residing outside of the resiliency group. For example:  network pairing between data centers, retention policies and other SLA definitions through predetermined values that help eliminate user error.

  • Don’t just recover virtual machines --- recover complete business services. Resiliency Platform allows administrators to create virtual business services, which are composed of multiple resiliency groups.  Each resiliency group within the service can be assigned a different recovery priority making it possible to recover the highest priority applications and services first to get your business up and running fast.  

  • Extensive, built-in task automation allows your teams to create blueprints, or resiliency plans, to automate migrations, rehearsals and evacuation plans that migrate multiple resiliency groups and virtual business services at the same time.

Resiliency Platform offers even more features suited for a large enterprise including DNS integration, built-in encryption, third-party replication support and scaling.  

Veritas believes that resiliency needs to protect your entire estate:  virtual and physical allowing your organization to be and agile and efficient. Learn more about application resilience and see how you can #TransformYourBiz.