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Introduction and details

Hi everyone and thanks for joining the SFHA 6.0 Beta Group.

We are currently working on our SFHA 6.0 release on UNIX, Linux and Windows.  I wanted to write a quick introduction on the purpose of this group, how it will be organized and what we are hoping to get from you.


To begin with, this group was formed to provide a look at the features to be delivered in the next release of Storage Foundation and High Availability products which are due out in Q4 of Calender 2011.  We created several videos around the newest features to gain feedback from you.  With each video, we are interested in what you think about the feature, if it will enable your use case and answer some questions around the feature.  This info will be shared between Product Management and Engineering to demonstrate how customers are using our products.

 The topics to be shown include, but are not limited to:

Storage Foundation 6.0:

  • VxFS Deduplication
  • VxFS Compression
  • Checkpoint visibility
  • File Replication
  • Thin Provisioning - FS Usage
  • Virtualstore Demos
    • View integration
    • iSCSI support in virtualstore

Storage Founation 6.0 Database Feature:

  • Space-optimized snapshot
  • Filesnap

UNIX/Linux Veritas Cluster Server 6.0:

  • Virtual Business Service
  • Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) - Prevention of Concurrency Violation (Available Now)
Windows VCS
  • Virtual Business Service
  • Several others, so please stay tuned


If you are interested in the traditional beta program with downloading binaries to test onsite, please have your salesrep or channel partner conect me to get you signed up.  There is a seperate process for this as well as export restrictions, which is why we are creating videos to make this process easy.

Currently there is one video topic available, VCS IMF-PCV (Intelligent Monitoring Framework-Prevention of Concurrency Violation).  We are adding more as the features come available in the release. To take advantage of this program, view the view and let us know what you think.  We have several questions created to help us get a sense of how you would use this feature, and if it fits in your environment.

Thanks for your participation and if you have any questions about this program, please let me know.