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Software was eating the world but now it’s all about the information

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Software was eating the world but now it’s all about the information

Marc Andreessen wrote his software is eating the world article a few years ago and today it is likely that no one will take a contrary position.  Indeed, that viewpoint has evolved further so that software is now programming the world.  Improved chip economics are leading to unprecedented proliferation in devices capable of capturing ever more and diverse data.  We are living in an increasingly IoT and distributed world which promises to get even more so.  Here at Veritas we believe it’s all about the information - another viewpoint we feel few would take issue with – and have coined the term Information-defined Storage to represent the next step beyond the now familiar, software-defined storage.  Information-defined Storage focuses on four pillars:

  • Information agility – providing cloud-like responsiveness and ease in responding to requirements
  • Information orchestration – facilitating movement to/from/across multi-clouds
  • Information capital – enabling and enhancing data’s ability to generate value
  • Information control – providing lock-in free security and compliance capabilities

IT teams are recognizing the increasing potential of harnessing their data and the need to modernize their infrastructures to achieve this.  Of course, understanding what is in the data is key to this and requires an intelligent approach to data management.  ESG research shows improving data analytics and assuring regulatory compliance are among the top business initiatives driving technology spending. Read about it in their white paper “Veritas Cloud Storage – Software with a New Embedded Cognitive Engine that Injects Intelligence into...” which describes recently released Veritas Cloud Storage – an on-premises, cognitive object data management platform. PicForBlog.png