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Top 3 Reasons to use Veritas Resiliency Platform in your Hyper-V Environments

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Veritas Resiliency Platform is an innovative offering from Veritas that enables customers to meet stringent IT Service Continuity SLA’s. Resiliency Platform adheres to the longstanding Veritas heritage of heterogeneity, by offering customers a single solution for IT business continuity across physical and virtual applications in a heterogeneous, multi-vendor data center environment.

1. Resiliency Platform provides a unified experience across a heterogeneous data center environment spanning physical servers and multiple hypervisors

Today’s day and age calls for a single solution for recovery orchestration across physical and virtual environments. Resiliency Platform takes this into account - that customers have an active need to protect their applications that may be running on heterogeneous multi-vendor platforms, operating systems and virtualization technologies. Resiliency Platform provides seamless recovery for both applications and VMs across multiple hypervisors. This is beneficial if customers wish to migrate applications between hypervisors in a multi-vendor environment

2. While Microsoft Azure Site Recovery (ASR) supports DR at a VM level, Resiliency Platform gives customers the choice to recover VMs, applications or even multi-tier applications.

Most hypervisor-based solutions tend to keep the VM in focus. But in reality, it’s not the VM that is important to the business. The VM is just a container for what’s really important – the business application that is running inside it. Applications today are also built up of multiple tiers- where every tier supports an essential layer of the application service running on a different piece of hardware or software. Think SAP, SAS etc. The uptime for such a multi-tier application or business service is dependent on the uptime of each individual tier.
Resiliency Platform empowers the customer by providing them flexibility to choose the granularity at which they want to drive recovery via complete automation– whether it’s at the VM level or at the application level or a complete multi-tier application or business service. Application level DR can be a big advantage as it reduces costs for WAN links, server and storage costs, and because it keeps the application in focus – with monitoring and recovery, the business is ensured that critical applications stay up and running with maximum uptime.

3. Resiliency Platform provides non-disruptive testing to ensure smooth failover of IT operations at runtime

A major benefit that Resiliency Platform provides for Hyper-V environments is the ability for customers to simulate a disaster and test their recovery readiness postures. This ensures complete confidence that their recovery plans will work if they ever need to place them into action. Recovery rehearsals are completely non-disruptive to production environments and are automated, eliminating the need for extensive manual testing over weekends

Additionally, Resiliency Platform offers a comprehensive list of features and supportability matrix for your Hyper-V environments:

  • Application Awareness
  • IT Business Service Orchestration and Insight
  • Granularity of recovery at VM and Application levels
  • Health Monitoring
  • Non-disruptive Rehearsals
  • Standardized support across physical and virtual

Learn more about Veritas Resiliency Platform by watching the IT Service Continuity Webcast co-delivered by ESG and Veritas.