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Veritas Introduces the NetBackup Flex 2 Operating Environment


As a member of both the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art I can always visit to see my favorite works in their permanent collection, or one of their special exhibitions that change three or four times a year. I’m always impressed by how quickly they can reconfigure an exhibition area to highlight the new works on display. They can sub-divide rooms, change lighting, and adjust visitor flow to meet their current needs. I can visit the museum one week and return the following week, and it could be completely different.

Another less visible feature of the museums is security. Art museums house works worth millions of dollars, and theft is a constant threat. The FBI even has a team that focuses on art theft. The museums need to protect each exhibition from threats, but each exhibition has different security needs. The most valuable art must be tightly protected, but there are also interactive exhibits and large sculptures that may need a different level or security type.

The museums’ challenges of keeping their exhibits current, relevant, and secure remind me a lot of the challenges an enterprise IT departments face. They need to protect their most valuable asset, their data, but still adapt to a rapidly changing business environment.

Next week, Veritas will release the NetBackup Flex 2 operating environment, which is a significant update for Flex 5340 and Flex 5150 appliances. One of the key enhancements in the Flex 2 operating environment is ransomware resiliency.

The NetBackup Flex Operating Environment brings the agility of container technology to NetBackup data protection. A single 5340 appliance running the Flex Operating Environment can host multiple NetBackup Deployments. You can create NetBackup deployments in a few minutes so your organization can quickly respond to the rapidly changing business environment.

Ransomware and security are top of mind for the enterprise today. Policy-based immutable storage available on appliances running the Flex 2 Operating Environment gives an organization confidence in rapid recovery from ransomware attacks without expensive specialized or dedicated storage hardware. Like an art museum, ransomware resiliency and security must be configured to the specific needs of a deployment. You can protect small deployments running on a 5150 appliance in a remote office with the same level of resilience as workloads on a 5340 appliance in the core data center.


We have just started to touch on the capabilities of the Flex 2 Operating Environment. Over the next few months, we will be delivering a series of blogs highlighting all Flex 2 Operating Environment capabilities.

To learn more about our new Flex appliances with the NetBackup Flex 2 Operating Environment and how to upgrade Flex Appliances, visit

You should also consider checking out your local art museum’s website. The exhibits have probably changed since the last time you looked, and you may also be able to visit it virtually!