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Active directory error



The job is failing with the following error:


Final error: 0xe000fe0b - An operation was attempted on an object that was not opened. Final error category: Job Errors For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-65035

I rebooted the server and the same issue is existing. what is the reason behind such a error and how can it be solved?


Thank you

Click an error below to locate it in the job log


Backup- \\\System?State
Error writing file data.
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Why do you tag this

Why do you tag this discussion with every tag? This is not going to help you get an answer

If running Win 2003, do

If running Win 2003, do ensure it is updated with SP2. Additionally, do ensure the Microsoft Software Shadow Copy Provider & the Volume Shadow Copy services are enabled and set to manual.

Lastly, you may be facing this known issue as well -



...if you have an antivirus

...if you have an antivirus installed, make sure it isn't blocking BE from accessing that server's System State. I've had McAfee do so, and put in an exclusion for the beremote.exe process in order to fix it.