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Adding security to media tapes

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Hi all.  Is it possible to add security to the media tape after it has been backed up through backup exec 12.0?  What I'm looking to do is make this tape so that only my company can catalog it and retrieve data from it.  For example if this tape is lost and it happens to be found by someone from xyz company, we don't wan them to be able to catalog this tape or be able to restore any data from it.  I have read up on the encryption abilities from the administrators guide.  Is this the only option, and if anyone has any first hand experience with it, how well does it work?  Any suggestions and/or recomendations is greatly appreciated.  Thank you.

Craig L.

Level 4
 I would suggest that you use LTO - 4 Media, because it has enhanced 256 bit AES-GCM hardware encryption. Otherwise, if  you backup with "Encryption Type: Software" your backup time will go up. From security point of view, software encryption is times weaker then enhanced hardware encryption...