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After upgrading to BE 2012 Sharepoint jobs fails, Access Denied.


After upgrading and then reinstalling BE 2012 my Sharepoint 2007SP3 jobs failes.

Much like the old, fixed in 2010R3 SP2.

Completion status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup).
Final error category: Security Errors
For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-5634
This Exception may also show up:
Backup- Sharepoint - 80\Content-DB1 (SERVERNAME\SHAREPOINT\WSS_Content)


When I create the job the Test credentials check out OK, all passes.
But the the job runs and it failes, when I the go in and check the credentials again they failed.


Any one else with this problem? Solution?


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Hi Please disable the AOFO


Please disable the AOFO option if selected for your sharepoint backup & then check

Also have you tried with Non GRT backup do they work atleast



Hi,   Did you perhaps install



Did you perhaps install BE 2012 SP1? If so, remove it, and then try the backup again.

Failing that, what happens if you create a new backup job just with Sharepoint in it? Does it succeed or not?


Hi No AOFO checked. Non GRT


No AOFO checked.
Non GRT works OK!

Yes I have SP1 on Backup Exec, I have problems with crashing services also that someone related to SP1... must be worst SP ever if this is also making Sharepoint backups fail.

I will remove SP1 now see if all my problems will dissapear.


Hi again... I also tried a

Hi again...

I also tried a "Server backup" and a "Sharepoint backup only" with the same result.



Looks like the old error...

At first glance your job log error looks like the old error from BE 2010 you mention.  A test to see how similar would be to do a tape backup if possible.  If that works then try a GRT restore of a single document/file redirected to a file location.  In the old error that restore would be expected to fail with the same 1602 access denied error.  Note that I haven't seen any customers with this issue in BE 2012 since it was originally caused by a change to Sharepoint 2010 content DB table names with the Sharepoint SP1 update.  Would need to see debugs from the Sharepoint SQL server and media server to tell what the problem is.

sending email...


Hi Tried uninstalling SP1 but


Tried uninstalling SP1 but problem remains.
OK Russ, looking forward to your email.


Hi Backups to Tape works OK!


Backups to Tape works OK! To disk they fail.
I have two farms, one has failed since upgrade, the other one worked for a few backups but now that one also fail.




Hi Robert,   Did you resolve

Hi Robert,


Did you resolve this issue? I'm having the same problem

Robert, Tried to send you


Tried to send you email via the forum a while back... guess it didn't get to you.  If you're seeing successful GRT backups to tape and access denied to disk there most likely is something about your content DB that the Sharepoint agent is unable to enumerate.  There is an active issue like this with the BE 2010 R3 Sharepoint agent but nothing that I am aware of with 2012.  I'd recommend opening a support ticket so we can figure out what the problem is.  These issues are usually one-offs that require individual content DB analysis. 


Assuming you would open the case in your name, let me know if you open one and I can search it out and help guide the troubleshooting.  Likewise for ikmit - if  you're seeing the same thing, you would need to open a support case.

Hi Nope, problem remains.


Nope, problem remains. Havent hade time to open a case, that takes a lot of time. So running to tape now.



I opened a support case for

I opened a support case for the same issue - in fact 2 cases.  One of them is over a month old.  I have yet to get a resolution to the problem.  At his point, we can't do ANY Sharepoint restores!