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BE 2014 with SP2, cannot launch the console / RAC (The connection to the backup exec server has been lost)

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We have an open support call with Symantec that's been running for 10 working days now (case# 08658325), unfortunatelty with no resolution yet, so I'm posting here to see if others have had the same problem and know of a fix ? (I'll also detail how Symatec ultimately resolve the probelm).

Suddenly two weeks ago today we could no longer open the console / RAC / GUI for Backup Exec 2014, we'd get the error pop up...

The connection to the backup exec server has been lost

... with nothing more useful than that (nothing that appears to be helpful in Event Viewer either). It appears though that BE 2014 is still running happily, in that all service are started / running and backups are still running as well with e-mail alerts for the status of jobs still being sent out as expected (both failures and successes). Also I can interogate the BE server from the command line interface as well (see jobs and statuses etc). Also using BEUtility the database consistency check reports no errors.

So it appears that BE is actualy running happily in the background, we just can't launch the console either on the server itself or on a remote workstation.

Symantec support have been trying all manner of things to resolve this, with no luck so far, and it's taken two weeks to get to 'Backline' and 'Enginering' teams so hopefully they'll resolve this soon, however this is pretty much a huge problem for us now.

So I'm just hoping that another user has had the same issue, and has had it fixed, or maybe Symantec will pick up on the above case number and escalate the support case ?.




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I did some research and found that the support tech was able to create and supply a workaround and that the issue is continuing to be investigated by engineering.  

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I need a solution for this problem, can someone post the workaround or the fix for this?

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hi jcl999,

Your best bet would be to log a case with support so the correct logs and debugging can be done for the issue.