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BE15, DataDomain optimized replication & replication to tape

Level 2

We have two sites with two MBES servers on each site and a single DataDomain on each site. One site has a tape library. We also have a CASO server controlling the show. We wish to replicate backups to the DD on the other site, and write the monthly backups to physical tape (located in only one site).

Site1: 2xMBES + DataDomain
Site2: 2xMBES + DataDomain + Library + CASO

We've got the DataDomain accessed through OpenStorage (DDBoost client) all fine. I discovered that both DD have to be presented to all BE servers - so that BE can perform a DDBoost optimized replication from one DD to the other.

We configured two Server Pools, so when a backup is performed on Site1, it can be directed to just one of the Site1 MBES, and the same at Site2. Backing up to DD and replicating to the other site works fine - however I'm having issues when trying to replicate to the tape library in Site2.

This works OK for backup jobs that start in Site2 since the MBES in Site2 can see both DataDomains and the tape library. 

However - for backups in Site1, when I try and do the same, it doesn't let me do this due to none of the Site1 MBES having access to the tape library: "The Backup Exec server specified and the device/storage devices pool specified do not share any devices".

What I would like to do is configure the backup & DD replication to be performed by the Site1 Server Pool, but the replication to tape to be done through the Site2 Server Pool. How can this be done?



Level 0

Please see attached sketch.  I attempted to show what I believe is your environment. (My Site-A is your Site-2

Q1. What Operating System are all MBES machines running (this may be needed if we need to install the driver for the Tape Library on one or more MBES)?

Q2. How is the Tape Libarry attached to allow all MBES machines to have their Operating System see the Tape Library (tape should appear along with the Medium Changer listed in Device Manager)?

Q3. Are all MBES machines configured for using Centralized Catalogs (the default is Distributed)?

Q4. To allow all the Data Domain devices to work with the MBES for backing up to the Tape Library, both Data Domain devices need to have Sharing enabled from within BE (see Share within the Storage Tab).  Is this configured for all MBES machines?

Please be sure to restart all BE Services as required or restart the machine if requested if any of the above questions involving configuration require configurations.  If you need further assistance, please check back.