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BE16 - Can't setup a server backup,it said the login does not have valid credentials

Level 3

I want to setup a server on BE16 but failed.  It show that

"The server was unable to complete the requested operation"

Possible cause: 

Backup Exec could not log on to the server with the logon account specified for it. The logon account does not have vaild credentials. Ensure that the user name and password are correct in the login account.

I checked the login name and password are correct. I have 3 server uses the logon account. Another 2 servers can use this account logon. 

I tried create a new logon account (same logon name and password) but same as failed. I checked the account owner same as others account (Domain\Admin).

How to solve the account doesn't vaild credentials issue? Thanks!!




Level 3

Hello Ricky,

It seems you are trying to configure BE from scratch and it does not allow you to login in BE UI with following error "The server was unable to complete the requested operation".

Please ensure that Backup Exec service / System logon account must have the following rights:

Act as part of the operating system
Backup files and directories
Create a token object
Logon as a batch job
Logon as a service
Manage auditing and security log
Restore files and directories
Take ownership of files and other objects

Also make sure the account is not added under:

Deny logon as a service
Deny logon as a batch

This is important because the DENY takes precedence over allow.

The account should have its Primary role as Domain Admin in Active Directory.

Refer these technote for more clarification :-
How to define/grant the required user rights/permissions for a Backup Exec Service Account (BESA)

Understanding Logon Accounts and required User Rights Assignment to resolve connection, backup or restore failures