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BE16 SDR-Recover physical W2012r2 fails

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BE16 on separate server (w2016) with FP2, HF128051. SDR-Cd starts the to-be-recovered server (we had to change the system-hard-drive) and shows up as minint_xyz on the BE-MediaServer. Mediaset could be selected, remote agent install message, but then unable to establish trust and therestore fails.

Is it not possible to recover a server if the system-hard-drive fails completely?

Do I have to install a os before using the sdr?




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I found this article. Does this match your situation maybe?

If you're not sure, you can check the services file on the Backup Exec server and just search for "ndmp" if there is no entry, then you are still using the default port and this wouldn't apply. Oh and I'd maybe also see if there is an entry in the services file for "10000" that is something other than "ndmp".

If you're not sure where the services file is, have a look at this KB article.

Thanks for the hint, but we already played around with ndmp and port 10000 without any success.

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Just out of interest is there a router/firewall between the server your are trying to restore and the BE server as we have seen some odd results with SDR when it is not all on one LAN

I'm wondering if it might be a firewall issue, too. I think that you are likely getting the error because the servers are unable to connect via NDMP/port 10,000.