BE2012 and Enterprise Vault "agent"

Hi all,

once installed the agent on an Enterprise Vault 10 server I've created a job on BE 2012 to backup the "EV site" content. I exptected to see something like the BE2012/BE12 vision of the EV site: the EV db, the EV store and partitions and so on.

Instead this is what I see...something unreadable...and below what I saw since BE12.5!!

What I wrong?




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Have you looked at this KB -

Have you looked at this KB - http://www.symantec.com/docs/TECH181452  ?


EDIT*** incase, if you are unable to open this KB, here is the excerpt -

With Backup Exec 2012, the Enterprise Vault resources have their own entry in the "Servers" window and are not listed as a resource under the Enterprise Vault server.

To see and/or select the Enterprise Vault services, you will select the entry in the "Servers" window with this name:  "Directory on evservername".  When viewing the details of this entry, you will be able to see the Enterprise Vault resources.



Check if this


The user is using BE 2012,

The user is using BE 2012, not BE 2010.


If I would have seen it I

If I would have seen it I would have choosen it smiley

The question now is: why I can't see on Server add Wizard?

The question now is: why I can't see the EV server as "server" objetc? Of course in the license information I can regularly see that there's a license for EV components

Click on image to see


Ideally, BE would be querying

Ideally, BE would be querying & inserting the separate entry for EV (when the EV license is applied)...I dont think you can actually add the EV selection as it is automatically populated...Would suggest to open a formal case with support to pursue this further


Does the BE service account

Does the BE service account has admin rights in Enterprise Vault ?


BE Service Account authorized

Yes, when I used BE2010 I expressly created in the EV authorization manager a "backup role" assigning to it the same account used for BE (as from EV documentation also) and it worked fine (also the set/clear backup mode was applied before and after the partiotions/indexes backup).

Both upgrading and also with a fresh install of BE2012 I cannot have the same functionalities of BE2010/12.5 agent....should I backup with the legacy keys and the traditional mode? :cool

PS) this is a not for resale installation on my lab (as partner I would personally try before to propose to customers upgrade...I cannot imagine what can happen if some of them upgrade loosing functionalities!!)



Check on the EV Server side

The selection for 'Directory on EVservername' originates from the Remote Agent on the EV server publishing the EV resources to the media server.  A quick check of whether these are being published is to open the 'Symantec Backup Exec Agent Utility' on the EV server.  Go to the 'Publishing' tab and check the field for 'published names for this agent'. If EV is being properly detected you'll see entries for The Directory DB (EV-DDB), Directory (EV-DIR), Monitoring DB (EV-MDB), and the EV Site (EV-SIT) and maybe more depending on the EV configuration.  If these EV resources don't show there is problem detecting EV by the Remote Agent...  If they do show up in the agent utility it may be a network problem - The Remote Agent will attempt to publish its resources to port 6101 on the media server.   See what shows up.



The publishing feature has

The publishing feature has been checked since beginning of this issue.

As you can see it's ok. Port 6101? From TCPView the only call I can see is from EV server to BE server on port 1424 and all connections are open. I always knew that the only port used is 10000 and anyway this is not documented!

As you can see communications seem fine but browsing the EV server I can see it as a normal File server!




I've to correct my assertions

I've to correct my assertions before. Really I've discovered that "adding" the server from BE the name of this published by the agent disappears (don't know why). I've fixed adding it on the BE agent tool manually and now I can see advertising on 6101 port (and the current 10000 too).

Also if with a little change I still continue (restarting services both on ev and be servers) to have a situations that does not reflect the EV site as in BE 2010 and I don't have any "special" wizard to add an EV server such i.e. the one to add an Exchange one.

I can see (red arrows) some object that I know are partitions but there are no relations with EV site name...what's EVPartition01cc0a.... no relation with Vault Store name/Partitions





Must browse the server hosting the EV dbases, not the EV server!

As never expected, after fixing minor issues with support on agent publishing I've discovered that to have the EV resources listed (from databases to vault stores and partitions) you must browse the server that hosts the DB, the SQL one! Not the EV...





Why index location are not present in the selectable items?

Hi guys,

does you see on the backup selection the index folder? It seems there is no possibility to backup the index folder.

Let me know.



Hi, I verify with the

Hi, I verify with the Symantec support, that in order to backup the index folder the EV version must be at least EV 8.0 SP5.