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Backup 2012 SP3 will not backup user created SQL databases

Level 3

Backup server -  Windows Server 08 R2 Enteprise / Backup Exec 2012 SP3

SQL Server -  Windows Server 08 R2 Standard / SQL Server 2008 R2 Enteprise


Good morning all,


I am having an issue with my backup of user created SQL Databases.  I have been working with Support trying to get this fixed, but now I am reaching out further since I still have no solution 3 months later.  Backup Exec will backup the system databases, but any database that we create are being skipped.   The exact error message is

V-79-57344-5891 - The object was not found, or could not be accessed (MS SQL backup).


It will do this for all 98 of our created databases.  I have googled the error and tried everything suggested, but nothing yet has worked.  What I can't figure out is how it worked flawlessly for 5 months, and then decided to stop working.  All my other servers are being backed up without issue.  SQL is the only one that is having issues.  Any help and thoughts are greatly appreciated.


Thank You


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Hi Daedalus,

Since system database backup is working you might have to check and see when user creates a database

necessary permissions are given for the backup exec account on that database to make sure backup account has permissions to access the database and backup.


Account used for backup should have DB_Owner and DB_backupoperator permissions on the user created database.Please check the permission and update.




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1) Check that you have enabled Windows authentication for these databases

2) Use the BESA and try to access these databases.

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verify the backu exec account is using the correct password, also what type of backups are these: differential, full....  Have you seen this document: