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Backup Exec fails after installing Sharepoint Services 3.0

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We have a Windows 2003 server (was SP1 and now SP2) that we have backed up the C and E drives successfully with Backup Exec 10.0 build 5484 for qutie some time now. But after we installed Sharepoint server 3.0 on this server recently (before the SP2 upgrade), the jobs all fail with the following error message in the log:

Directory  was not found, or could not be accessed.
None of the files or subdirectories contained within will be backed up.

We can backup the SQL server databases, the shadow copy components, and utlity partition on this server, but if we select either the C or E driver in the backup job, we always get the error above after 1-2 minutes of the job starting.

If we shut down Sharepoint, we can then backup the drives. We're not trying to backup Sharepoint in particular, but just the drive data itself.

My guess is that something that Sharepoint Services 3.0 installs or does when it's active is interfearing with the Backup Exec client.

Any ideas before we have to try upgrading to Backupexec 11?


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Are you using Advanced Open File Option?    Also what error code are you getting with the failure? 

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The error from the log is:

Job ended: Thursday, April 12, 2007 at 1:41:09 AM
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe00084af - The directory or file was not found, or could not be accessed.
Final error category: Job Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-33967

I have tried it with Advanced Open File Option off and on (normally it is off on out regular job).

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Just another piece of information:

We found that stopping the Sharepoint search service from the web interface allows the backups to run.

It doesn't look like we're using the search service at present, so we're going to leave it off for now. But do you have any idea why this would keep BE from backing up the C & E drives?

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We now have this same issue on another Windows 2003 server. But this one isn't running sharepoint. We tracked it down to a batch of Microsoft updates last week:

- Critical Update for SQL Server 2005 Service Pack 2 (KB 934458)
- Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB932168)
- Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB931784)
- Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool - April 2007 (KB890830)
- Security Update for Windows Server 2003 (KB930178)

My guess is some component of Sharepoint is used in one of these updates and is causing problems with Backup Exec.

Any ideas?

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We have a customer with the same problem but he only tries to backup Word, excel,... files and the problem persist. He needs Sharepoint to be installed but he doesn´t need to backup.
The problem is that, if he enables Sharepoint service, Backup Exec 10.0 shows the error message that reports JimL.
Could anyone help us?

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There are 2 workarounds for the issue that you are seeing.
1. Stop the Sharepoint Search Service when running a backup
2. Rename the bedssps2.dll in the Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\RANT directory on the Sharepoint server.  You will then need to restart all Backup Exec services.
If Sharepoint is on the media server the directory will be Program Files\Veritas\Backup Exec\NT.
Please let us know if this resolves your issue.
Thank you.

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The first workaround solves the problem temporarily, the backup is working. But it is no solution to turn off the Sharepoint Search Service before every backup.

The second workaround does no difference, the backup does not work after renaming the file. All I get is a lot of errors in the event log.

Is it a solution to upgrade to 11d, is this problem solved in that version?