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Backup Past 24 Hours Only

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I have an application that dumps its backup files to a network location.

I want to run a single backup job that copies to tape only what has changed in the past 24 hours.

I know i can do a Full then an incremental.  but this means i have to run a full once a week.

Using BE 2010 there is a backup method called Working Set - Changed today.

What does Changed today mean?  past 24 hours from the last backup or from 00:01 to the time of the job?

What is my best option to just backup the changed files for the last 24 hours or last backup job?



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Hi Navar,

Working Set - Changed Today will actually look for the files with their dates. All the files created or modified today and has today's date, will be backed up.

Please refer below mentioned articles.

About the working set backup method

What are the advantages of using the Backup Exec for NetWare's Working Set Backup. Why use it instead of Incremental or Differential backups?

Also to let you know, this Working set backup method has been removed from any version above BE 2010R3.

So, in BE versions above 2010 R3 you can go for the workaround mentioned below.

Go to the selection pane and click EDIT and then right-click on the server. You will have an option to include/exclude files. Click on it and choose include files accessed for X number of days.


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Sorry, but where was Netware mentioned?

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I am aware but this article provides quite a good explanation of working set backup method. Hence, I requested to refer it rather than following it.