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Backup performance slow when admin console is closed

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I have a new backup server and the backup runs slowly when I am not monitoring it from the job activity window. When I close the activity window and close backup exec, the job slows down to less than half the speed. As soon as I open BE and check the job, it speeds up to normal speed.
I run Trend Officescan 10. The problem occurs with Trend unloaded on both the backup server and the server being backed up.
I have observed the same effect occuring while backing up another file server and a Lotus Notes 8.5.3 server.
Environment -
dedicated server hardware (no vmware, no other applications installed except BE, and Trend Antivirus 10.
 Windows 2008 RC2 Standard 64
IBM 3650 server
12GB of RAM
Broadcom team with quad gigabit connection to the server switch.
IBM tape library, LTO-4 connected with 2Gbps fiber channel
Ran LiveUpdate and installed all current hotfixes as of December 26, 2012.

Server being backed up -

Windows 2008 RC2 Standard 64
Server is a vm in vmware 5.1
16GB of RAM

The only thing that I have found that makes the problem go away is to have the BE console loaded. As soon as I close that, backups slow down. This is consistent behaviour that can be reproduced over and over.
In order to get fast backups for now the only thing I can do is RDP to the BE server, load the console and disconnect (not logoff) the session.  I've tried just keeping an RDP session disconnected without BE loaded and backups are slow under that condition. As long as the console is loaded it runs fast.


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Would recommend SP1 on Windows 2008 R2 first. Next, Is this VM being backed up using Backup Exec AVVI option or using Remote agent. Backup of a VM on Vsphere 5.1 using AVVI is not supported currently. The console thing looks really odd but trying to think.