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Backup to disk with compression

Level 3
Dear Sirs!

When doing backup to disk, what is the recommended procedure regarding compression. As I see it there are three major alternatives:

1. Let Backup Exec compress data (using the compression type SOFTWARE)

2. Let Windows compress data by using NTFS compression on the volumes where to store the B2D-files/folders

3. Do not use compression by any means.

Wich one do you recommend?

If I recall it correct, when data are retrieved from remote servers, the Remote Agent is compressing the data before sending it over the network to the mediaserver. If that is the case, does this mean that the data are kept in a compressed state all the way to the storage media or is it uncompressed at the mediaserver side, to be compressed later depending on if the job is configured for compression or not?

If the data is kept in a compressed state all the way, I suppose that letting Backup Exec handle compression would be more efficient, wouldn?t it?

Peter Nilsson

Level 6

If doing backup to disk,SOFTWARE compression type is always recommended.

VERITAS Backup Exec (tm) 10.0 for Windows Servers Administrator's Guide (English)

Update us on the same and revert for any further Query
Hope this will help you

Thank you

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