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BackupExec 2012 - Library - No Idle devices available

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Hi All,

I have a large BackupExec 2012 environment (yes, pity me) and am having some issues with the tape library in the solution.

I have 1 x CASO and 2 x Media Servers in the solution, the disk storage is ExaGrid and the Tape Unit is a IBM TS3310 with 6 x LTO 6 drive.

My jobs are setup for D2D + Duplicate Jobs to tape.... 

The D2D are OK, however the Duplicate Jobs to Tape are sitting with "No Idle devices ready",

I am almost at the stage of wiping all of the duplicate jobs removing the tape library and starting again......But before that I hit to forums for answers.

Work Done / Issues seen.

1. Library has been going offline, BackupExec reporting errors with library 

2. Upgrade library / drive firmware to latest versions

3. Library now does not go offline, however all jobs can talk to library (No Idle devices available)

4. Library and drives are seen correctly in Backup Exec interface.


Today I was looking through the Library (Shared) properties and noticed that it mentions the following.

1. Number of Slots = 100 (Library is Partitions with another backup solution)

2. Number of Drives = 0

I can see the LTO drives under the Tape library resource however the library properties list 0 drives?

Is this normal? taken that it is the library mechanism is just that.......

I have tried all the normal things.

1. Restart library

2. Restart Media Servers and CASO server

3. Pause / Unpause library / drives

Thanks Bernard.


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1. Remove the Library from Backup Exec (Disable / delete)

2. Make sure that the Changer is using Microsoft drivers and is visible as Unknown Medium Changer in Windows Device manager

3. Confirm that all the Tape Drive units in the RL have been installed using Symantec Drivers in Windows. If required use Tapeinst.exe to install the drivers

4. Once this is done, restart BE services and the RL should be auto detected again.

5. Perform Inventory and make sure that the tapes are detected in the slots.

Try the backup jobs.

Level 3


Is your backup is working directly to tape,If yes  than no need to perform below check.

are you able to see library in device manager,

Check test backup using os inbuild backup tool on media server.

so you will come to know drives is functing in os level.



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Please powercycle the library

Shut down BE server

Shut down library

Turn on Library make sure it is initialized

Turn on BE server

Additionaly review this technote to troubleshoot the robotic library


Level 4

Thankyou all for your comments.

JayDeep - I agree with your comments as a last resort, if the below does not work I will head this way.

Kunal - Thanks for the Information and link, I will follow the directions in the link provided (and Jaydeeps recommendations are the same) and check the drivers in devices manager and through the BackupExec driver section. Confirm and clean up is the goal.

Next I will do the power cycle as Kunal mentioned.

Failing this, I will follow my own and Jaydeeps recommendations and disbale / delete the library, check drivers (run IBM tape diag tool) and then re-install / setup.

Question: Do you think that I should remove the duplicate jobs (for tape) and re-create them if I delete and re-setup the library?  Or should I just "re-link" the jobs once I have the Library setup again?

(Delete and re-setup duplicate jobs sounds cleaner to me)

I will update you all tomorrow.

thanks again.



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Yes please delete the duplicate jobs and recreate them as a fresh start.

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Before I start on the recommedations above, can someone confirm is I am suppost to see Number of drives as 5? (configured drives) and not 0?

Can you post a screenshot for this?

Level 4

Hello All,

I have confirmed the following.

Media Server 1

1. Tape drives are using - Unknown Driver -

2. Changer is listed as "Unknown Changer" - using - MIcrosoft Driver 21/06/2006

Media Server 2

1. Tape drives are using - Symantec Driver - 12/02/2008

2. Changer is listed as "Unknown Changer" - using - MIcrosoft Driver 21/06/2006

So I need to get this right..... Will update Media Server 1 with correct drivers

Before I start on the recommedations above, can someone confirm is I am suppost to see Number of drives as 5? (configured drives) and not 0?




Level 4

See update for post above, incorrect driver on one media server...


Screenshot Attached

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You should see the drives listed in there.

I think the tape library has lost association to the drivers.

I am looking up for an knowlege base article to fix this.

Will post soon.



Try this

= Goto the "storage" tab

= Goto "configure storage"

= Goto "Tape storage"

= Select "Robotic Libraries"

= Follow the prompts and you should see a screen where you see your 5 drives

= See if you can drag and drop them and associate back to the tape library


Level 4

OK, will have to log a call with Symantec now...

Deleted all Duplicate Jobs...however now I am getting the following

1. All jobs Gone - had 222 Jobes left, now Zero

2. Error: The query for Jobview Failed.


Level 4

Working with Symantec Support today (Thanks, very responsive).


Unfortunatly no resolution as yet, can not get the Library working correctly.

Recovery DataBase and got jobs back only to lose them again when trying to clean up the library issue.

At this stage we can not delete the library as it continues to throw up errors.


Have to wait to reboot the whole environment in a structure manner (including the shared library). (As described by Kunal.

Will keep you posted.....getting sick of this product.