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Bundle VMWARE 2xESXi + EMC VNXe + TAPE Library + BE/NBU

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Hy there


We're trying to create a bundle to Small (really small)  Business,


We have

2 x dual SixCore 128GB RAM

1 EMC VNXe (iSCSI and NAS)

1 x single socket (master server NBU)

1 Tape Library single drive LTO6

1 VMWARE VSphere ESS+ Kit for servers (and sometimes all infra for VDI)

1 Master Server NBU + 2 Enterprise Clients + 1 drive

NBU is getting a little expencive, I do not know aboute BE at all.


does anyone could sugest me an equivalent solution w/ BE?

Could BE could back VMware VDI as well?

Thanks a lot


best Regards




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Take a look at this licencing guide

2012 Portfolio Licensing Guide

In addition to the core BE licence, you would need to have an AVVI licence to backup your ESX host.  If there are other physical servers or remote devices, you would need to buy either a AWS or RALUS licence for each of them.

There is nothing in BE for specifically backing up VMware VDI.  BE only caters for backing up VMware VM's.

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BE does not support VDI backups, so I think this setup will give you a problem.

Also you will need a separate physical server for BE to run on to use the tape drives as the media server that handles tape drives cannot itself be virtualized.

Your media server will also need disk space, as GRT backups work more efficiently as disk backups (possibly with duplication to taope). If you must go to tape only then you still need a staging area on disk for restore and this staging are will need to be bigger than your biggest virtual machine.