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Can't setup a policy with Exchange Diff/Full and CPS

Level 3

I'm trying to get my BE 12.5 to backup my Exchange server using a Full/Diff schedule.  (Weekly full, daily diff)

Policy: "Exchange Test"
Job Template 1: "Diff"
Job Template 2: "Full"
Template Rules: none

Job Template: "Full"
General: Full - using archive bit
Exchange: Full - Database & Logs, CPS on, 1-hour recovery points, consistency on, continue-on-fail
Schedule: Every Monday

Job Template: "Diff"
General: Diff - using archive bit
Exchange: Diff - Logs, GRT on, consistency on, continue-on-fail
Schedule: Every Mon-Thu

The problem is that I can't save the policy, as I get the message

    Symantec Backup Exec
    A policy that contains a job template for an incremental or differential
    backup of the Exchange Information Store must also include a job
    template with a full or copy backup of the Exchange Information Store.

As far as I can see though I have both don't I?  The "Full" template, and the "Diff" template...


Level 6

When you set a template for the Full backup job for the Exchange make sure ---Full backup is selected in the MS exchange Tab
IF you are running GRT backup Differential backup is not Supported
If you set full/diff in the general Tab it will only apply to normal file backup ..So you need to select the correct backup method in the MS exchange tab of the Template properties.

As per the above post the your job settings seems to be ok , the reason it is giving you the error is because you have the CPS option  selected to continously backup the transaction logs.

Level 2
So it's not possible to use GRT with any sort of non-full backup?

Perhaps the question should be, how can I make weekly full and daily diff backups of Exchange and still be able to restore individual items.

Level 6
With GRT You can run Full and incremental backup ..

Level 2
Oh, I see!  That's not too bad then I guess.  Perhaps I'll switch to incr instead of diffs.


Level 2
Okay, this is odd then.

I have set:
A template for "full" to be "Full - Database & Logs", with CPS hourly (GRT greyed out)
A template for "incr" to be "Incremental - Logs", with GRT

I still get the same message.  :(

Seems like it's full-or-nothing for us at the moment, and I can't see why.

Level 6

Have look on the following document .
This gives you the accurate information about setting up Backup exec With CPS

Level 6
Refer the following information which probably answer you concern
"The B2D device specified in a CPS-Exchange-Backup uses hard links between the IMG and VDB folders for files; hard links are a feature of Windows. Each hard link reports itself to Windows as a file and the byte count is added to the disk space usage; in reality there is only one file to which the hard links point. The use of hard links will result in disk space usage appearing to be much higher than what is in fact being used. As an example, a 300 MB drive showing could be reported as using 500 MB of disk space.  This can be viewed by looking at consecutive VDB folders where each new VDB folder contains all the logs from previous VDB folders, plus news ones at the time of the latest Recovery Point job.

When a Recovery Point is run Backup Exec will issue the command to the remote Exchange Server for it to truncate the logs which have already been replicated and included in Recovery Point. For this reason no other Exchange backups that affect the Exchange transaction logs or are based on the Exchange transaction logs should be run. Truncation will also take place for the logs replicated to the B2D .exchange folder but are maintained in the IMG media folders."

So the bottom line is If you check the option to continously backup the transaction log ,you cannot run incremental backup of exchange ..

Level 6
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