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Cannot get virtual machine xml info

Level 3

We recently merged domains, we were on one domain, now we are on another.


Since doing this, I cannot browse my Virtual Hosts, I get the cannot get virtual machine xml info error.


I googled this and it states:


  1. Error while enumerating the VirtualCenter\ESX host itself. This may happen if the ESX host is running the ESXi  Free version.
  2. Error while enumerating a virtual machine on the VirtualCenter\ESX host (On ESX or ESXi with the VI foundation license and higher). The issue could be with one or more virtual machines on the ESX host with a unique configuration.
  3. This error could occur if there is a disconnected virtual machine on the Vcenter application.

None of which apply to me.

When I removed and then readded these VMHosts, it wont accept the username password that it previously accepted, even though the usernames and passwords have not changed.


The account used to target these hosts were never a domain account anyway, just an account on the ESXI server\VMware host and has the highest priv. avail.


Can you help please?


Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

If the vCenter has an * (asterisk) in the name, please remove it & re-try/

Have a look @ this KB too ~

Level 6
Employee Accredited Certified

Could you try to add the ESX host directly in BE and use the root account and passowrd to browse. If this is BE 2012 and the old host name exist, then, try to remove it and readd it. If it is BE 2010 then see if the user name saved in BE has the correct domain name prefixed to it. Typically the accounts are in a DomainName\username format except Linux accounts (like root or admin, which will have no domain name or host name prefixed)

Level 3

The accounts are linux root so wont have the domain prefix, I have tried removing and readding the ESXi hosts already.