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Capacity Edition

Level 4

Hi, Just a quick question. My maintenance is up for renewal soon and i was looking at the Capacity Edition version instead of renewing my licenses especially my v-ray subscription, which as gone up 60% since they have now swapped to per CPU rather than per core.

I backup 1.46TB of data every Day, am i right in thiking that i only need 2 x 1TB Capacity Edition licenses @ the 2-5 tier ?




Employee Accredited Certified

Yes (sort of ) if based on 1.46TB as full backups so as long as your daily backup are all fulls then you are correct. The calculation is against any full backup in last 30 days (but we only count the last full backup of each resource so a single server is not counted twice just because you ran two full backups)

Basically the tiers in Capacity are ony for savings at the time of purchase and are still sold in 1TB increments so you definitely need 2TB as you have more than 1TB so 2x 2-5TB would be correct.

However be aware that if you think your data might go over 2TB during the next year or so, then 3x 2-5TB should be cheaper than 2x 2-5TB now and 1x base tier at a later date.

Hi Colin, thanks for the quick response. Yes my daily backups are full backups. Also looking at the License guide there are ways of migrating across to the capacity edition for my standard licenses, which are still under maintenance. It talks about Capacity cross grade SKU's for the which i will contact my local supplier.

Many thanks