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Catalog Problem with version 10d - Good Challenge for anyone willing to accept.

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I am trying to catalog some old Backup Exec 10d tapes and I am have problems. The catalog runs successfully, but when I try to start a restore, I receive an error message that the data is not in the catalog and I will need to run a catalog job to gather the data.

This is just one backup server acting as the CASO server. It use to be a managed server, but I have reconfigured this particular server to run on it's own. The catalog information is store locally. I can see that there is a *.xml file created in the following directory C:\program files\vertias\backup exec\nt\data. The contents of the file say: 

</filler><end_time>Job ended: Wednesday, February 03, 2010 at 10:01:53 AM
</end_time><engine_completion_status>Job completion status: Successful

But when I check the directory: C:\Program files\veritas\backup exec\nt\data\catalog, the catalog is not created.

I have tried shutting down all services, stopping the MSSQL Service for the database. Removed all old catalog files to a different directory, restarted the database and services and re run the catalog and no catalog file is created in the Catalog folder.

I have tried to run the catalog job with out the "Use Storage Media-Based Catalogs" option and still same result.

Can some one please help me troubleshoot this issue?