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Configure Backup-Policy for Exchange DAG-Node

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what is Best Practice to configure Backup passive and active Exchange Mailbox-Databases from one DAG-Node ?


* DAG-Exchange 2010
* 2 Nodes Member NodeA and NodeB
* on NodeA there are 4 Mailbox-Databases ( 2xactive and 2xpassive)
* BackupExec 2012 Mediaserver on NodeA-Side
* BackupExec 2012 should only backup the 4 MailboxDatabases(active and passive) from NodeA !!!


Is there a configuration possible?


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This should help -

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Even with the posted HOWTO22961, there are existing problems during backup exchange.

There are a existing Prefered Server Configuration, with the NodeA Exchange-Server.
The Backup-Policy is also triggered with prefered Server Configuration for NodeA.
Backup Policy is try passive and when not existing try active Databases.

With this configuration, BackupExec try to backup the passive mounted Databases on NodeB and not the active Databases on NodeA.


Any Kind of help ?

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Is the existing preferred server configuration designated as "Default" ?

Is BE 2012 and the remote agents updated with atleast SP4 ? Have you tried recreating the preferred server config ?

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yes, Prefered Server configuration is as Default configured in Exchange Backup-Policy.
and yes, SP4 is also installed on mediaserver and Exchange-Node-Agent.

I think Symantec BackupExec Employee doesn't know this Microsoft Best Practice for Exchange DAG.

Question to the BackupExec Employee and BackupExec-DeepDiveInsiders:

* There is a Exchange 2010 DAG
  Node A - local Site
  Node B - Remote Site

* Node A has 4 Mailbox-Databases
  2 mounted as Active ( NodeB has this Databases as passive)
  2 mounted as Passive ( Node B has this Databases as active)

* On local Site, there is also the BackupExec-Mediasserver

* Exchange-Informationsstore Backup-Policy is configured with prefered Server for NodeA
  with configuration try first passive and if not exist, backup the active

Why is not possible to backup all 4 Databases ( 2x active and 2x passive) only from Node A with this  Backup-Configuration?

If it possibe, please describe me your configuration with BackupExec 2012!
special thanks.



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afaik, the only way would be to configure 2 backup jobs.

1 backup job selecting the 2 passive DBs and choosing the option to backup from passive copy only and the 2nd backup job selecting the 2 active DBs and choosing the option to backup from active copy only.