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Discovering Resources in BE 2014 / 2015

Recently several servers started experiencing being stuck at "Discovering Resources" on some of the virtual servers. That's started happening both in BE 2014 and 2015 that is in our enviroment. The job gets stuck and in order to unblock it you have either restart VMHost server or at least attempt to kill BERemote service. There is no indication which server is causing the problem or is it a problem with vmhost itself. So far I tried repairing installation and repairing database. Unsure what else can be done - the servers do communicate with vmhost and otherwise everything seems in order. The other symptom I noticed that BE 2014 and 2015 once this happens have problems with restarting services. We also attempted to reinstall agents on every virtual instance and backups were working successfully for about 2 weeks before going back to the same state.

Could anybody tell if there is a solution to this ? Our enviroment runs both windows server 2008 r2 as well as 2012

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Re: Discovering Resources in BE 2014 / 2015


Does the Backup Server hang when the backups get stuck in Discovering devices state?

Are you running GRT based backups or Non-GRT?

If GRT can you try to run Non-GRT and update if the backups still hang.


You may want to go through the below technotes: