GRT File Recovery

I have used GRT in BE2010 which worked fine.  I have just installed BE 2012 onto one of my servers and I have setup my backups with my ESX host.

I've selected all the options for GRT but when I try to do a file level recovery I can only see the VMDK file.


How can I restore files directly within the VMDK file?  In 2010 I was able to expand each server then select the file to restore, rather than the whole VMDK as you can see below






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Did you expand the VM under

Did you expand the VM under its Netbios name?  You should not expand it under the ESX host.


I'm sorry I dont understand

I'm sorry I dont understand where you are talking about.

If you highlight my ESX host in BE 2012 and click restore... you will be presented with the VMware Data restore box, click next and you are presented with the screenshot I attached (above).  I only have the option to click each drop down box under the servers name.  Nothing else, how else can you perform a GRT restore on a specific server if you dont use that drop down box?

Am i missing a particular licence for GRT?



Hi What guest machine is



What guest machine is this for which your are not able to see GRT view , As in BE 2010 you cannot do GRT backup for linux virtual machines, so if linux machine is selected then it is not possible

Also during the backup job are you getting any sort of exception?



Its a windows 2008 R2

Its a windows 2008 R2 box

Tried on 2003 as well... same result.... No file level restore.

I must be doing something wrong...


Don't click on the ESX host.

Don't click on the ESX host.  If the VM that you want to restore files from is called Server1, look for Server1 under your domain and click on Server1.

Have you installed RAWS in that VM?


Hi In that case to try to


In that case to try to isolate the issue, try doing backup to disk if your are doing backup to tape ,vice versa.

Also uninstall & do push install of BE 2012 remote agent & then do backup again & see if that makes difference




How would backing up to

How would backing up to different media solve the problem? 


After the VMware backup as

After the VMware backup as well as the host in the serevrlist yoyu shoduld see the Virtual machine DNS name (short or FQDN)


Clcik on this before clicking restore and you should see the individual file selections (as mentioned by pkh above already)


...that would be great advice

...that would be great advice if the OP was using BE 2010...but it's tagged as BE 2012. Please read properly.


RAWS is installed, I've tried

RAWS is installed, I've tried disk backups and still the same thing is happening.... No GRT.



Under the Backup and Restore tab, (correct me if I'm wrong) I click on my VM Server1, hit restore and this will bring up the VMware restore tab and I will be able to see my individual files from here?

Which I've done and that doesnt work.


Yes -   Click on Virtual

Yes -


Click on Virtual Machine (by DNS name) then start restore it wil show GRT selections

Click on ESX Host or VCenter server then start restore it will show VMDK only



So the job is setup through

So the job is setup through the ESX host and I've just done a full backup to tape on the server its the bottom server highlighted....  As you can see the Restore button is greyed out here as well, this is where I'm assuming your saying I am able to click restore and restore files from the VMDK file?


Any other suggestions?



Sorry can't see your

Sorry can't see your screenshot.


If you are sleceting either the vcenter or the ESX host from the Backup and Restore Screen then you will not be able to do single file restore even if you can see the VMDK files


If restore option is greyed out on the actual virtual machine then suggest you log a formal support case for us to investigate the problem fully.


I had this problem aswell,

I had this problem aswell, what I did to solve it was to remove the server from the list, then re-add it using FQDN, and voila, restore button worked Smiley Happy

Hope this helps!

Lots and lots of bugs in this new version....


OK - looks liek we got a

OK - looks liek we got a support case with a similar issue - if the guest/ Vvirtual server name listed in the Backup and Restore section of the console does nto match what VMware provdes to BE as the name via the vStorage API then we won;t correctly link the GRT restore sets to the icon. Solution does appear to be uninstall the remote agent from the guest and then push the installation out again so that it shows the other way in the console. Not sure we have reproduced this scenario internally even though that is what appears to happen.


For the record.... I've

For the record....

  • I've reinstalled the agent
  • Removed Server and added FQDN/shortname/vmname

Still same problems.... I will be logging a support call today.

I will post the outcome.