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How to do a Sharepoint GRT Restore

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Right chaps,

I was hoping for a little help with this. I am trying to run a sharepoint restore on a single .doc file stored in a Sharepoint database.


GRT was enabled with the backup that was done, but when I try and do a restore it fails miserabley..

It either restores 4,322 bytes, which turns out to be nothing, I assume that those 4,322 bytes will be a log or a log file somewhere.

But what bugs me is that it says the restore was succesful..

After that, I tried using Sharepoint file redirection instead of just normal file redirection. Which I feel is going in the right direction, but I have stumbled across another problem.

I have never been able to restore a file from sharepoint or tried, I can restore other files from the server aslong as there not in Sharepoint.

It is now asking me for a sharepoint account login information. I put in the domain admin account but that doesn't work, it still comes up with an error saying authentication failed. So it seems like the wrong UserID and PassID. Can someone tell me what login details I am supposed to put into that little box under the Microsoft Sharepoint Redirection field when doing a restore from Backup Exec 12.5.





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Hi Sky,


I assume you've checked out the link below?



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Yep, I have already seen that, and applied all the appropriate options, apart from one.. (the circled one below)

I'll post an image, maybe that will make it easier.


Can anyone help me on what I need to put in this box?



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In the above encircled box you need to put the Backup Exec System Account which should have Farm Admin rights on Sharpoint and also Local Admin Rights on the Sharepoint server.




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Ok, I have followed this exactly.. But it still comes up with an authentication error...

I put the backup exec user account for local admin, and the domain account for rights to browse the sharepoint farm.. I test the credentials and it all says 'test successful' but when i run the job it still comes up with the error 'Authentication failed'..

Anyone got anymore ideas?
Not sure what is going wrong now to be honest!


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Found out, how so I deleted this question, so I don't cause any confusion..

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Hi, are your Backup exec account Sys admin on the Sharepoint SQL server?

if not, add the Backup exec account as sys admin in the SQL server and then try again to restore to sharepoint.