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Issues on scheduled backup

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We are experiencing some problems on a fresh installation of Veritas BE 10.0 (SP2). After configuring a number of backup jobs, and running several jobs manually, we are encountering the following problems....

1) The server that Backup Exec is running on rebooted unexpectedly in the middle of a scheduled backup last night. The shutdown was caused by a "System Failure: Stop error". The code for the stop error in the comments box was 0x000000f7 (0xf73e3f8c, 0x00003f8c, 0xffffc073, 0x00000000).

2) The last error logged in the event viewer before the reboot was "EVENT ID: 33808, An error occurred while processing a B2D command. Drive: ReadFMTable() SFMB Not Found (D:\Backup2Disk\AVAULT\B2D000137.bkf). Error=13". This message was logged at 11:26PM. The backup job started at 9:00PM.

3) Looking at the server's log that the remote agent is installed on, the following error was logged at 9:01PM..."EVENT ID: 57860, An error occurred while attempting to log in to the following server: "AVAULT\MicrosoftSAMDM. SQL error number: "0011". SQL error message: "SQL Server does not exist or access denied.".

The server that BE 10 is installed on has (1) OS drive with W2K3 server and a mirror for the OS. The data array is a RAID-5. The backup to disk folders are located on the RAID. We also have a Sony AIT-4 tape drive attached to this server.

The remote server that we were backing up from is a DELL PowerVault NAS running W2K server.

The odd thing about all this is the only time we have seen the System Failure: Stop error is when we have tried to run a scheduled backup at night. However, the job DID start and made it half way through. I ran test jobs all day yesterday and did not have any issues.

On one hand it sounds like a hardware issue, but then again, if we only see the problem when it is backing up, then maybe it is a Veritas issue?

We are fully patched (OS and Veritas). Currently, we are not sure where to go from here. Any useful advise would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for the exremely long post, but wanted to provide any information I could so we can resolve quickly without "posty tag".

Thank you in advance.