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License Information - Need an answer

Level 3

I'm in the process of setting up a backup solution for a company that I consult for.

Server A will be the backup server ( I know that it requires a base license here )

Server B = Domain Controller ¨ ( AD agent and Remote Agent for Windows at the same time ???? )

Server C = Domain Controller & Exchange Server ( AD Agent, RA and Exchange Agent )

Server D = FILE Server ( RA is required )

Server E = SQL Server ( SQL Agent and RA at the same time )

Server  X = IBM AIX Version 5 ( What do I need to take backup on this unix system ? Is Unix Agent all I need to implement backup/restore operation ?? )

Server OUT =  IIS server and SQL Server --- outside LAN ( Which port muste opened via Firewall for allowing backup operation ?? )




Level 5
Server A: The Backup exec server license
Server B: AD agent (RA is included with any agent type)
Server C: AD Agent and Exchange Agent
Server D: RA Agent or AOFO (if needed)
Server E: SQL Agent
Server X: RA for Unix and Linux
Server OUT: SQL Agent
For the ports, just add the beremote.exe file to the allow list, this should be done automatically by backup exec when its installed on the server.