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OffSite Disaster Recovery Question

Level 2
dear Sirs

I am trying to configure my Backup Exec 10 for my Company.
what i need is an availability of my backup on OFFSite Place!

I want to know how i will accomplish that Procedure.

In my current config , Backup Exec take all my Windows Server 2003 User files , sql and exchange on spare disk .. but i want to create an extra job for the specific Configuration for remote disk. One good question is , if i can synchronize my backup files from VPN connection throught ADSL connection! Can backup EXEC make a connection to remote path through VPN ? can also backup exec can synchronize the differences of backups without erasing the existing backup ? like RSYNC does ? if yes , what option should i check ? what feature should i look for Backup Exec ?

Thank you Very much


Level 2
anyone ?