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P2V/B2V for SQL Server


I grabbed our copy of Backup Exec 2012 and started playing with it on a test server to get familiar with the interface, methodology, capabilities, etc.
We've got a server that's a good candidate for migration to a VM, so I decided to try out BE's new new P2V/B2V feature to do the migration.  This server is running:
Windows Server 2008 sp2, 32 bit
SQL Server 2008 R2 (10.50.1600)
beremote 14.0.1798.0
The job fails with the following error showing up four times:
V-79-57344-37943 - Streaming SQL backups are not supported by the convert to virtual feature.   Use snapshot full and snapshot incremental (block level) instead.
Neither "streaming," nor "snapshot full," nor "snapshot incremental," nor "block level" appear anywhere in the Admin Guide.
"V-79-57344-37943" is not found anywhere on Symantec's site.
Does anyone have any idea where to go next with this?
I'd imagine we could get the migration to work fine on this server if we stopped all the services and just did a file-level backup, but that rather defeats the purpose, as far as a DR solution goes.  Since the server is in production, it's not something I can just go ahead and try, either.
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Hi,   Did you enable the SQL



Did you enable the SQL agent on the media server?





Actually, let me qualify that:

When installing, I provided the license key, and when I go to BE icon button thing --> Installation and Licensing --> License Information, it shows up with "yes" for both licensed and installed.  If that's what you mean by enabling it, then yes. step is to check the step is to check the Known Issues section below and see if your issue is listed there:


Since its a lab environ, if

Since its a lab environ, if you disbale FILESTREAM, does the conversion complete successfully ?

Looking back manually to Dec

Looking back manually to Dec 2011, there's nothing about this issue.

As an aside - wouldn't the site's search function find it if it was in there?  Or is the Known Issues section not covered by it?

  Actually, only the server


Actually, only the server running Backup Exec is a test box.  The target physical system is a ~8 or 9 year old live production server, since we don't have any available hardware to use as a test case (Oh, the joys of working in K-12 with approximately no budget:)
FILESTREAM is not enabled on the target box.  Or at least, in the db's service properties, on the FILESTREAM tab, the "enable FILESTREAM for tsql access" checkbox is not ticked.

When you were doing the

When you were doing the selections for the P2V conversation did you select the SQL agent backups a long with the the drives and system state?

In the SQL backup job

In the SQL backup job properties, is create on-disk copies of SQL backups checked ? If yes, try unchecking it...

Create on-disk copies is not

Create on-disk copies is not checked.

Hi, Ben.  I'm not sure what

Hi, Ben.  I'm not sure what you're asking, here.

If you're asking if the instance of SQL Server was selected in the same selection list with the drives and system state, then yes.

When you created your job,

When you created your job, did you "Backup to Disk and Then Convert", "Backup to disk and Simultaneously Convert" or did you select "Convert to virtual from Point-In-Time"?

B2D then convert. thanks

B2D then convert.