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Please improve the product and technical skills of your support specialists...

Level 5

I have opened a case, with support, to investigate potential problems with our deduplication store. Following a quite bizarre first line deduplication support specialist call I was put through to a team leader who agreed that the case needed to be escalated to a level 2 deduplication product support specialist. However, I would need to wait up to 48 hours before the specialist could contact me. Following my conversation with this L2 support specialist, earlier this morning, I am left in a deeply concerned state that Veritas are not providing adequately trained support staff, when it comes to handling support cases regarding deduplication. Apart from the pretty poor handling of the call, by the representative (some general call handling training would be highly recommended) the L2 specialist was not able to answer a very simple question, regarding ascertaining the precise current state of our deduplication store. I have had to leave this case open, while the support representative confers with her next level engineering team who are appearently all in one timezone and are not contactable until either much later today or perhaps not until tomorrow!?

This is totally unacceptable. If I was in a production down situaltion and needed product support specialist levels beyond what appear to be frighteningly rudimentary abilities, currently on offer for my timezone, I would be in for a long and very damaging wait.

I was pleasantly surprised, after Veritas was spun off from Sumantec, as you seemed to get on top of your support and the product does appear to have had some more serious development. However, I am now deeply concerned that your support has tanked, along with your product suport documentation and general service capabilities.