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Shadow Copy Components W2k3 R2 Server 64bit

Level 6
I do have a strange occurence (and it turned ouzt to be not a problem, but a cure for it):

We upgraded one of our servers to the latest Win Server 2003 R2 64bit version. Of course I had to use the latest remote agent and the backup of data is faster than ever.
So far, so good.

When backup up the Shadow?Copy?Components (formerly known as System State) it backed up all the data like the Registry et al, but could not back up the System Files.

While this looks like a problem, it actually does what I wanted to have now for several years:
Backing up the System State without the System Files. The simple NTBackup can do that, BackupExec can't. This led to 'problem' that I cannot backup the system state of several remote servers (as the data link is too weak for an additional GB).

So I'm happy now for this server except that it gives me a red 'falied' job (and I have to check them manually if exerything else went well)