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SharePoint 2010 restore fails - 0xe0001602 Access is denied


We are currently testing our Backup Exec 2010 R3 backups of our SharePoint 2010 installation. Backup Exec and it's agents have all been patched to the latest level including hotfixes.

We tried making a backup of a site onto tape. Then deleted the site and tried restoring it again. We end up with the following errors, which we cannot find any information on (also nothing in the Windows Event Viewer or in the SharePoint logs):

The Job Information, Job Operation - Restore, Set Information, Restore Set Information shows the error:

 V-79-57344-65300 - The Sharepoint resource is not responding. Backup set canceled. 

This is strange, because the SharePoint server responds just fine (it ran a backup just a few minutes earlier). Further down in the Job Log, at the Job Completion Status, it says:

 Job ended: 8. december 2011 at 14:31:25
Completed status: Failed
Final error: 0xe0001602 - Access is denied (Share point backup).
Final error category: Security Errors

For additional information regarding this error refer to link V-79-57344-5634 

And under Errors:

 Click an error below to locate it in the job log
V-79-57344-65300 - The Sharepoint resource is not responding. Backup set canceled. 

Can anyone help us getting this running?

Best regards, Jan.

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Have you looked at

Have you looked at ?


If You have Sp1 For

If You have Sp1 For sharepoint This Might Be an issues which Is under investigation.  (Applies to restore As well)

There should be a HF available, currently Under QA test.


If The issues Is Urgent You might Need to Open up an formal Support case For the BETA Fix.




Yes. It refers to backup to

Yes. It refers to backup to disk. This is a tape backup/restore.


Are SQL dBs mirrored ?

Are SQL dBs mirrored ?


No, it is not mirrored. The

No, it is not mirrored. The SharePoint 2010 front end uses a named SQL Server 2008 instance.


Could be that RAWS stopped

Could be that RAWS stopped responding on the Sharepoint server ...Is the RAWS service running ?


Yes, the "Backup Exec Remote

Yes, the "Backup Exec Remote Agent for Windows Systems" is running.

I also just checked the SharePoint version in the SharePoint 2010 Central Administration. The level is Microsoft SharePoint 2010 Service Pack 1 (SP1) 14.0.6029.1000, with some products having Hotfix for Microsoft Office Server (KB2596505) 14.0.6105.5000 applied.


Does this backup successfully

Does this backup successfully to disk ? Have you also tried a backup without GRT ?


Yes, it did the backup

Yes, it did the backup without problems. I haven't tried it without GRT. We did a full backup of the WSS_Contents store, and I need to restore a single site in order to demonstrate that it works before going live.


Sorry, I didn't read your

Sorry, I didn't read your question properly. We tried last week to do backups to disk (in order to save us mounting a tape), but that didn't work either. And the articles mentions problems with to-disk backups, which is why we decided to test it using tapes.


Would you please enable

Would you please enable debugging & post the debug log


We will try this as soon as

We will try this as soon as possible.


Sorry it took so long - When

Sorry it took so long -

When you want us to enable debugging, where is that exactly in the backup program? Is it under Tools and Support Utilites? Is it the "Run the Debug Monitor for active debugging"? If yes, what do you want me to collect?


We tried running the debug

We tried running the debug window open, while doing the restore that fails. I have compressed the file and attached it to this post. Hope it helps.


Has anyone had a chance to

Has anyone had a chance to look at the debug log?


See p://

There was an issue introduced with Sharepoint 2010 SP1 which changed the table names of some of the content DB tables.  This causes cataloging problems with disk backups and problems during tape restore in the staging process.  The 'backup' error in the restore job  refers to when we're trying to extract the granular data from the database image. Applying hotfix 173536 will fix the issue with new tape backups and restores but tape backups created before applying that hotfix won't work and are described in the subject technote.  It's being worked on now.