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Switching robotic library hardware

Level 3
I just wanted to know if there is anything to consider and/or take note of when changing the main robotic library.

We currently are using a Quantum SuperLoader DLT with robotic Libraries. The version of backup exec we are using only has support for ONE robotic library. We are purchasing a LTO3 drive with a robotic library.

We want to ensure a smooth transition; making sure we can still access the drive from the DLT and use the new LTO drive and library.

Feedback much appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


Level 6
Are you talking about accessing the DLT drive directly and operating it manually, while physically leaving it in the old library, and using the new Library and LTO drive as a Robot?

All I can think of is Remove the library from within BackupExec (not device manager) before you do anything else, leaving the DLT defined, then add your new hardware and re-boot, then edit/create jobs to access the new hardware.

Level 3
Your question is correct. thank you for that advise