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The remote agent crash suddenly!!

Good morning,


We have a issue with a remote agent. Suddenly Crash with the next events:

Source: BEDBG

Event. ID: 259

A process crash has been detected.

Faulting application: beremote.exe 14.2.1180.2113
Faulting module: beclass.dll 14.2.1180.2113
Fault offset            0xb3708
Exception code         0xc0000005.


Source: Application Error

Event. ID: 1000

Aplicación con errores: beremote.exe, versión: 14.2.1180.2113, módulo con error: beclass.dll, versión 14.2.1180.2113, dirección de error 0x00000000000b3708.

I have done the next actions to try fix it:

- Restart the remote machine is a Virtual Machine.

- Disable the antivirus.

- Reinstall the agent again.

The agent version is installed from Veritas Backup Exec 15.

Could you help me?

Thanks in advance!!


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Re: The remote agent crash suddenly!!

Does it crash at any time the backup is run, or only at the specific time the backup is run?

Any maintenance tasks being performed at the same time, like AV scans?


Re: The remote agent crash suddenly!!

Hi CraigV,

The crash is randomly.., I had tried a backup starting manually the agent when it has failed and the backup is right. The server is a exchange server, the desfragmention online sometimes is overlapped with the crash.


Re: The remote agent crash suddenly!!

OK try setting the start time a bit earlier or later and see if it crashes again...

Re: The remote agent crash suddenly!!

Ok, I'm running a performance monitor on this server, when it will crash again then we'll be able to see if there is some bottleneck on system


Re: The remote agent crash suddenly!!

I would assume that defragmentation of a server would pump up the CPU usage on the server a significant amount. If this is the case, then it would probably be the cause of the remote agent failing. I agree with Craig, that the best option is to make sure nothing that could significantly slow the server is running at the same time as the backup.

How are you going about monitoring the servers performance?
Do you use a monitoring software such as PRTG?