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UX Survey: Help to improve Veritas products and services

Level 2

Veritas UX logo_updated.pngThe User Experience group at Veritas wants your feedback!

I am a user researcher working in the User Experience group at Veritas, and our mission is to create and improve upon product and service experiences that affect our customers and users. We are looking for your feedback on your experience evaluating and using some of our products, and we want to understand your end-to-end data management challenges.

The customer feedback we receive will feed into products in our portfolio and will help the UX and Product management teams prioritize designs that aim at solving key user experience issues.

How can you get involved?

Please take 10-15 minutes to complete our survey. All information you provide will be considered confidential and no personally identifiable information will be shared. We value your feedback, so please do not hesitate to share your opinions!


Level 3

It would be ever so helpful to be able to backup all configuration settings and job setups so that when the inevitable happens one can reinstall and not spend months reinventing the wheel to fine tune jobs. Just do it as part of th edr backups automatically, a no brainer.

Even if one could print out ALL the settings that would be useful.

Overall it is a diffcult product to get right, more copoeration with Microsoft.  Recently had an issue with VSS writers you blamed MS and MS blamed you neither got to grips with the user.