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V-79-57344-33035 - Error - Mount failed. Physical Volume Library Drive not

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Backup Exec for windows server 10.0 rev 5484
After using the MS update which unsucessfully tried to update the tape drivers, I keep getting this error message when trying to run a backup job. According to HP tape tools and Windows server 2003 the tape drive HP LTO Ultrium -1 is working fine.
Now in Job Monitor the job Status is saying Ready; No idle devices are available.
I've tried to install the device drivers from the Veritas/Symantec site but when I install the result says the install was interupted not installed try again.
I'm at a loss as to what to do.
Any suggestions greatfully recieved.
Chris Bacon

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In order to isolate the issue please perform the following and verify the results.

- Disable the device by navigating to "Devices" tab, highlight the device, right click and select "Enabled". This will disable the device.

- Next delete the device using the same procedure and selecting "delete".

-Restart all the Backup Exec services

- Ensure that SCSI ID 0 & 1 are not being used, as they are reserved for bootable devices

- "Changer" or "Loader" should be configured at a lower SCSI ID than the drive. (e.g. Changer = 2, Drive =3)

- Ensure that the device is visible in "Device Manager" in Windows

- Update the firmware of the device.

- Update firmware of the SCSI controller.

- Disable removable storage (RSM) service on that device. In most of the cases, it has been seen that VERITAS device driver does not work properly with RSM.

Following steps will guide you through the same 1. Right click My Computer from the Windows desktop and click Manage.

2. Expand Storage, expand Removable Storage.

3. Expand Physical Locations. Under Physical Locations, you should see your devices and drives.

4. Right click the desired drive to disable and click Properties.

5. Click the General tab. At the bottom of the General tab is a checkbox for Enable Library.

6. Remove this check mark to disable this device or drive in RSM.

We hope this will help.


We would also suggest, that you check system events for SCSI related events (7,9,11or 15) and in case you find any please refer to following technote/article for further information;en-us;154690

Thank you,


You need to provide alot more detail. "Upgrade firmware" is not helpful with the steps to do that.

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