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VSS errors for local backup with 100TB drive attached

Level 3

Getting odd VSS/snapshot errors on a single job after adding a new, locally-attached SAN to the server.  The new SAN has 100TB of usable space, a big increase from the 40TB SAN that was replaced.  Ever since then, a job that is backing up some data from the local BackupExec server C & D drives to the attached E-drive SAN completes, but shows this exception:  The job completed successfully. However, the following conditions were encountered: A snapshot operation required by this job was unsuccessful. Check the job log and the Windows Event Viewer for additional information.  

I came across this support article:  Windows System State backup fails if any mounted volume's capacity is greater than 63,000,000,000,00....  I made the specific registry entry and restarted the server but every time this job runs I get the same exception error.  One interesting thing to note, is that I have unchecked the "use snapshot technology" for this particular job, yet the exception error still references a snapshot operation.  While this job does complete, seeing the exception errors is getting annoying.  Any ideas?


Level 6



This issue occurs because Microsoft does not support VSS on volumes larger than 64 TB. Also, writable snapshots or snapshots larger than 64 TB are not supported.


U may split 100TB into 2 drives