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Veritas Backup Exec Client Services Suddenly Stopped

Level 2

I'm having an issue with a work server where the Services for one client stopped.  It would perform differential backups just fine, but when it came time to do Full backups, instead of the normal 8-10 hours it would take over a day and then time out of the job.  I did a restart on the client, thinking that it had been over 2 months since the last reboot, and host server and since then it says it can not pull the necessary information from the registry to start the Automatic tasks its set to. So now it will not even perform the differentials that it was fine doing before the reboot.  I've been trying to restart the services for this client, but so far I have not gotten any where.  Can anyone help suggest anything?

Also, last year in March I had a similar issue, and fortunately I was able to exit out of the agent and when I opened it again it had pulled the necessary information it needed. This time that isn't happening.



Might be related to the fact that Win 2008 R2 is no longer supported from 21.3 onwards as per SCL:
Support for Microsoft Windows 2008, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows SBS Server 2011 and Windows 7 phased out in Backup Exec 21.3     -> 09/06/2021.


Thank you for the response.  The most puzzling thing for me is that the server was doing its thing just not for the Full backup.  However, the other server, which is also a Windows Server 2008 R2 has had no such issue with its backups.  So it's a bit weird, to me at least, that the services for one server will not restart while the other server, configured identically, is having no issue

Update. We were able to get the services started again. We restarted the Backup Server itself and the client server, killed any/all processes in the Task Manager and then manually stopped all the Services for the Backup Exec. We restarted the BEMREMOTE.EXE first and the rest of the information pulled on its own.  It took about 10 mins or so.