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Where to install on multi-server domain

Just purchased Backup Exec 21 - completely new to this software. I am running a multi-server domain with primary and secondary DC, dedicated file/print server, dedicated server running SQL - all four virtual servers running on two physical hosts (2 on each) - and then a third physical server that is a stand-alone RDS server. All are running Server 2016.

So... my question is - is there a best practice or recommendation regarding which of these servers I should install Backup Exec on? Or should I either repurpose one, or add another dedicated server for Backup Exec? Questions, questions...

Thanks for any insight.


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Re: Where to install on multi-server domain

What is your backup storage? Disk storage or Physical tape ?

Re: Where to install on multi-server domain

kf2013 - I have physical disks to back up to and am also planning to backup to Azure.

Re: Where to install on multi-server domain

It is recommended that you load BE on a physical server.  You should use preferably use a dedicated physical server for ease of recovery, but this is not a requirement.

There are quite a bit of limitations if you use a VM.  Recovery will be very complex.  

Re: Where to install on multi-server domain

Agreeing with PKH here.
In general - avoid installing Backup Exec on either of the DC.
If you have a dedicated SQL server, then you probably do not want to install applications doing other things onto that server either.
Keep in mind that whatever server you chose, you will logon daily to that server to monitor the backups or perform restore operations so any server which you do not want that people access on a regular basis - rule these out.