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Applying veritas vol manager mp2 patches on a VCS node - Solaris 9

Level 3
I will be installing the mp2 patches for veritas volume manager and SAN packages for my HBA cards that connect to EMC. I have already applied the same to stand alone servers running solaris 5.9 without any issues. Now I need to do the same on 2 solaris nodes that are part of a veritas cluster. Is there a best practice document out there that tells you how to do the same when VCS is thrown in the mix?

Basically in the end it all amounts to the important question, do I need to stop my VCS services before I apply the volume manager patches and in what order do I need to stop if I need to?

Level 6
Accredited Certified
Pick one system to update. migrate all service groups to the other system. Freeze the system you want to update so nothing can switch to it. If you will be rebooting it, you may want to hastop -local on the server to be updated. Make your updates. Bring the system back up, it should rejoin the cluster in "frozen" state, unfreeze it. Then perform the same routine for the second system.