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VCS show powermt path to dead

Dear All,

I use the VCS to control on the service on Solaris and use the SAN with Multi path, one of the show path dead by run powermt display dev=all.  After replacement the san switch with load the original configuration, run the powermt restore , vxdisk scandisk , one path still get the dead.  May I know how to recover the dead path .




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Re: VCS show powermt path to dead


If powermt is showing the disks as failed, you need to focus on that first. vxvm, or dmp, will work with what ever it gets from powermt since it is enabled.

for powermt, you can check the emc forums.

Re: VCS show powermt path to dead

this is not a VCS issue, its a VxVM, in particular device related issue.


you can run vxdmpadm enable command to enable the path shown as disabled

vxdmpadm enable
    {ctlr=ctlr_name [enclosure=enclr_name | type=enclr_type] |
    enclosure=enclr_name [portid=array_port_ID] |
    path=path_name [,...] | pwwn=port_WWN}

however this command may not work as this is likely an EMC side setingor SAN related issue.  if you are not very familiar with EMC commands, just call EMC for assistance (before calling emc, do a reconfig reboot if possible).

Re: VCS show powermt path to dead

@RiaanBadenhorst @frankgfan 


The problem already fixed as the san switch issue . After replacement san switch and port license, The dead status change to alive. Thank you for all your help