Veritas Volume Replicator

Hi all,

Just want to ask if there's a Bandwidth Calculator for Veritas Info Scale?

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Re: Veritas Volume Replicator

If you ask vvr data replication bandwidth,  you can run


#vxrlink -g <dg_name> -i 2 status <rlink_name>

you can work out easily the data rep bandwidth between 2 seconds time interval.

if I miss understood your question, please reply with more details of what is exactly the bandwidth info you after.



Re: Veritas Volume Replicator

Good morning Sir!

Is there any available Bandwidth calculator? I just want to calculate the bandwidth for data transfer from One cluster to another.

Also would like to know the things needed or the requirements to calculate the bandwidth.

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Re: Veritas Volume Replicator

please read these technotes to see if they help

https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.100022423  -  "Using IPerf to measure available network bandwidth when troubleshooting VVR (Veritas Volume Replicator) performance issues"

https://www.veritas.com/support/en_US/article.100020987 - "Installing and running the FirstLook utility to gather performance data"

https://sort.symantec.com/public/documents/sf/5.1/aix/html/vvr_admin/ch03s05.htm - "Controlling the network bandwidth used for replication Understanding replication settings for a Secondary"

the actual VVR  replication data rate is affected by many tactors and some of them  are listed below

network performance

server avaialble resources

server load

storage sub-system performance


VxVM/VxFS configuration

VVR setup/ tunings

HBA/SAN/fibre etc tunings

VVR performance tuning is a very challenging task, if need further assistance, open a support case with Veritas support

make sure you gave the following data ready when open a support case


2. FirstLook reports (from both side of the servers)


Re: Veritas Volume Replicator

We package a stand-alone application call VR Advisor with the InfoScale (and legacy SF) bits. Details are in the guides. One can point it at a workload, gather data for a few days, then perform analytics to see what bandwidth is required for that specific workload. No need to install InfoScale. Supports all native file systems/volume managers in addition to VxVM.
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