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VCS 5.0 and resource faults

Hello, Is there a way to "delay" a VCS resource from faulting until a certain time period has passed?  To make a long story short, we are trying to get a core dump(as a result of an issue), but VCS faults a resource and the core dump does not fully c...

Stephan by Level 2
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VCS ERROR V-16-20035-1002

    Im getting this over and over again in messages and enginea_log. This is solaris 10. Here is the error2008/04/07 11:07:23 VCS ERROR V-16-20035-1002 (hostname) PrivNIC:ora_priv:monitor:Need at least one interfacehere is the entry in PrivNI...

Critical Resources

Dear all,Running VCS 4.1 MP3 on RHEL 4. We have one node clusters on 2 separate data centers which are running active-passive. I need to change one of the resources as a "critical resource". Should there be anything that i should take care of while d...

Powell by Level 3
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Storage Foundation for HA/DR 5.0

Dear All; I have some doubts regarding the above mentioned subject product.I would be grateful if you any one can clear doubts: 1) we are going to have VCS global clusters;4 nodes clsuter at main side and 2 node at DR side,on the main side i have ins...

wajima0a by Level 3
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VCS installation and licensing

HelloI want to test Veritas Cluster server.Can this be done on 2 virtual servers? or should I have literally 2 physical servers with 3 NICs each, two crossover cable anda shared storage?Also, after enabling ssh on both virtual servers, the Install ke...

Global Clustering and SRDF Agent

Dear All;I am in the process of configuring Global Cluster for the first time;i would like to know the following thing:1) Do i need to configure hearbeat between both the cluster?I am thinking to configure hreatbeat on cluster web IP to send ICMP pac...

wajima0a by Level 3
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quickstart deployment

Hello I want to test High availability and clustering. What is the right software of Symantec that handles this? thanks

I/O Fencing AIX vxfenadm -G all -f /etc/vxfentab

I am using 5.0 MP1 Storage Foundation CFS HA on AIX.  My question is how may keys should each host place on each of the coordinator disks?  I have one two node cluster that reports 2 keys for one host and 1 for the other.  This is a brand new cluster...

SFW HA 5.0 RP1 - Is LANMAN resource required for SQL agent

Is the LANMAN resource a requirement for the SQL agent?The SQL cluster wizard creates a LANMAN resource and slots it into the dependency tree, however we do not use WINS and we do not use the LANMAN resource to do any DNS registrations.  In this case...

MVB by Not applicable
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howto unmount cfs mount?

  I am running a SFRAC (Veritas VCS 5.0) cluster and want to remove a CFS mount. It is the one cut and pasted from the below.          CFSMount cfsmount_devdata (                Critical = 0                MountPoint = "/oradata/data/dev"    ...

hastatus question

Experts, In the below # hastatus -sum output "A" is for systems "B" is for service groups but is there a list of all the possible UPPERCASE letters FLAGS , please provide me a link if avaliable # hastatus -sum-- SYSTEM STATE-- System               St...

Resolved! SFWHA 5.0 and disk based communications

 Hi,I'm working with a two node campus cluster, using SFWHA 5.0 overWindows 2000 Server.A few days ago, a failure on a core router cut both heartbeats and theproduction network links, resulting in a split brain. The SAN linkswere intact.I've been thi...

Low Priority Link in VCS 5.0ea

Dear All;Can any one tell me how to remove the Low Priority Link in VCS 5.0I have a 2 node cluster with 2 Hearbeat and one Low Priority Link;Symatec has recommended us to remove th Low Priority Link.Can any one tell me the procedure how to remove the...

wajima0a by Level 3
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cluscmd.log file grows very large

I am using SFWHA 5.0 (on Windows obviously). The sizes of various log files can be limited with registry keys and cluster attributes. However, on each of my nodes I have the file cluscmd.log in C:\Program Files\VERITAS\Veritas Volume Manager 5.0\logs...

VCS 4.1 MP4 & RHEL5

I have installed VCS 4.1 MP4 onto a RHEL5 machine - Kernel = 2.6.18-8.1.8.el5. I am having problems with both llttab and gab.Upon starting llt I get the following[root@brkstvm25 bin]# /etc/init.d/llt startStarting LLT:LLT: loading module...LLT:Error:...

IBM_Rob by Level 3
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